What it Really Means if You Have One of These 7 Types of Stomach Pains?

Stomach problems are the worst type, and they also can occasionally be awkward (we have almost all experienced sudden diarrhea previously, right?). However, there are various kinds of pain, and each one of these can provide insight into what is truly happening in your stomach.

Listed below are a few of the most typical stomach signs and symptoms and even exactly what they may be informing you regarding your state of health. I’m going to tell you about the most typical stomach symptoms and healthy living tips:

#1 Burning in The Chest

Acid reflux:

Whenever you have acid reflux disease, the acid in the stomach is washing back up in your chest, claims Niket Sonpal, M.D., the assistant medical professor at the Touro College of Medicine in NY City. Many people encounter the burning feeling right under their breastbone.

How to handle it:

No one size fits all solution, claims Sonpal. “Your acid reflux trigger foods seem to be as individual as you are,” he claims. The great thing is, as soon as you find out exactly what troubles you, cutting it your diet plan ought to assist quite a lot. You may also rest somewhat propped up to help to maintain the acidity down in the stomach wherever this belongs. You must be aware of healthy foods to eat because if you eat healthy foods, then your body will have to power to tackle different kinds of diseases.

#2 Acute pain Around The Belly Button


In case, you are going through an appendix problem; it is going to begin with a severe discomfort right around the belly button. While it worsens, the extreme pain will indeed shift to the right hip bone.

How to handle it:

Get yourself and even your swollen appendix to a clinic, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Appendicitis indicates you will require surgical treatment to get rid of that sucker. In case, you do not have this cared for immediately, and you run the danger of the appendix rupturing that is incredibly dangerous.

#3 Sharp Pain Below The Ribs


Gallstones are small lumps of bile and cholesterol which can be no more than a pea or perhaps as large as a golf ball. Regardless of the sizing, a blockage in your gallbladder leads to a sharp pain which may worsen after you eat.

How to handle it:

Unfortunately, general fertility, contraceptive use, and estrogen all affect your danger to get them. “Fundamentally, being woman predisposes you for the gallstones,” claims Sonpal. In case, they are a problem for you, and also you are on the tablet, seek advice from your gyno regarding alternative ways of birth control.

#4 Burning in The Stomach

Peptic ulcer:

“For those who have chronic pain each and every day and it is usually more severe after eating, that is an antique sign of an ulcer,” claims Sonpal. Unlike heartburn that takes place in your chest, you will sense this burn right in the gut.

How to handle it:

Quit having OTC pain meds just like ibuprofen, due to the fact that they help to make the issue way worse. Pay a visit to your doctor: Based on the intensity of your ulcer, you may need meds or maybe surgery.

#5 Entire Stomach Pain and the need to Go to the toilet

Lactose intolerance:

“If someone is unable to eat lactose, it is not likely to focus on a particular area,” claims Sonpal. “ Your entire stomach is likely to feel pain, simply because it is truly a small intestine issue. ”

How to handle it:

First of all, you must find out the level of intolerance to lactose. You might be completely fine with a couple pieces of pizzas, or even just one bite of goodies may set you on the edge. “To check it out, I inform my sufferers to ‘Netflix and lactose’ ” states Sonpal. “ Try to have a few glasses of milk then put on a show and then see what occurs.

#6 Chronic Diarrhea and Intestinal Cramps

Gluten sensitivity:

In case, you have celiac disease, or even you are allergic to the gluten, you will notice cramps, gas, and bloating in your gut after you eat foods that contain gluten.

How to handle it:

Just like the “Netflix and lactose” technique, check how you will interact with particular foods, and speak to your doctor regarding the most efficient way to get rid of them. In case, the allergy is serious, and you may want to call for a nutritional expert to ensure you are nevertheless getting sufficient of the vitamins and minerals you require.

#7 Fever, Pain, and Bloody Diarrhea

Crohn’s disease or Colitis:

Along with bloating, cramps, and gas, you also may notice blood in your feces, accompanied by fever and nausea. Not a joke.

How to handle it:

Consult with your doctor. Colitis and Crohns both equally run on the spectrum of intensity. Based on yours, your doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory meds or even recommend a more intensive treatment. In either case, it is superior safe than sorry. Both of those conditions may land you in the clinic in case not handled appropriately.




Author Bio:

Daisy Grace works as a content coordinator for Global Internet Magazine. She specializes in women’s health and also explores topics related to general health and beauty. Daisy loves studying the latest trends in cosmetics and skin care, but her experience extends further than that. She writes on all aspects of women’s health and beauty skin care and also various product reviews.

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How to Keep Cool During the Sweltering Summer Months

Guest post by Natalia Moore

With the midsummer temperatures soaring and heatwave conditions in many parts of the nation it can be awfully hard to “keep your cool.”

However, even if it’s terribly hot outside there are many simple ways in which you can retain physical and mental comfort. Here are some of the proven methods which everyone can try, most at minimum cost.

Be sensible in what you wear. Heavy and tight-fitting clothing (including underwear) are out.

Go for lightweight, loose fitting things. Avoid anything that constricts, including belts, high necks, and bras that cut you in two. It’s simply not worth the personal discomfort and lack of ventilation produced.

Remember that cotton transmits air more readily than nylon fabric, and is usually cooler. This is very important with underwear. Nylon pantyhose often produce considerable discomfort (including chafing and rashes between the legs, a very susceptible spot) merely because the skin areas cannot breathe. Because perspiration cannot evaporate, and as skin surfaces which are moist rub together, irritation and often inflammation occur.

Remember that certain colours seem cool, others seem to indicate warmth. Light pastels are cool. So are greens, light blues, yellows, creams and white. The heavies are black, navy, dark tans, and reds. Leave these for winter when you want to gain the mental impression of heat.

Also, flies seem attracted less to light colours (especially yellow, some researchers have claimed). So you give yourself a double bonus in wearing light colors. Who wants to be crawling with flies as well as sweating like a pig? Not me, for sure.

Fluids are probably the biggest single item of importance in hot weather. The body perspires anything up to 10,000ml (that is roughly 20 pints!) on a very hot day. This is an enormous amount, and it must be replenished to ensure the normal working of the body.

Fluid forms an integral part of the system’s heat regulatory mechanism. Pumped out by sweat glands to the skin surface, it then evaporates rapidly. This pulls heat from the body and the evaporation reduces skin temperature.

In humid weather there is already a lot of water in the atmosphere and skin fluid evaporates more slowly. That is why one feels hot and sticky. But as soon as the humidity falls, sweat dries and you immediately feel cooler.

This fluid loss must be replenished to allow the system to continue. So lap it up, ideally in the form of chilled water. Chilled fresh fruit-juices are good. Go easy on highly sugared aerated beverages and cordials. Extra sugar means that more heat-producing products are being added to the system.

Sweat contains a certain amount of sodium chloride, the chemical name for common salt. So add a bit to your drinks to replenish this. Otherwise you may find cramps suddenly grabbing your calf muscles or other muscle groups. Cramps are terribly painful.

A good cold beer temporarily cools. But beware of the trap, for alcohol is also a fairly potent vasodilator. This means it makes the blood vessels in the skin expand. In turn, this brings copious amounts of new blood to the skin surface, and this gives the added sensation of heat.

So, in the long term, alcohol makes you hotter. Besides, it is very high in calories and tends to add more fuel to the body you are trying to cool down; that is worth remembering.

Many people find plain bitter lemon juice more refreshing in hot weather, made with a water, non sugar base. Cyclamates and saccharin may be used as artificial sweeteners if desired, they are totally calorie free.

Be sensible and eat low-calorie foods. These include vegetables, especially greens and salad foods, and fruit. Leafy greens and all salad veggies are suitable. They are very low in calorie value and do not increase the body’s fuel factor. Cold salads are ideal in summer, especially for lunch and evening meals. Go lightly on products containing refined flour or sugar.

Use this as a general yardstick when making meal decisions and you will not go far wrong. Just remember the fewer calories you eat, the cooler you’ll remain.

Air conditioners are probably the biggest single comfort device in hot weather. Not only do they remove fluid from the air (so reducing humidity), but they cool as well.

Car air conditioners are excellent for those travelling a lot in summer. Even though they’re a bit expensive, if your job and mental acuity are important it is often money well spent for it may repay its cost in the first year.

But a note of caution: be careful flitting from cool areas to hot ones to cool ones again. Summer chills and infections are easily come by in this manner. Wrap appropriately.

Let cool tap water flow over the backs of your hands, this often cools down the whole body. Icy flannels rubbed over your face and neck impart a lovely cool feeling too, so keep these in the fridge.

Think cool. Do not get uptight and fight with yourself or others. Raised temperatures only breed heat and make you feel infinitely worse. Keep telling yourself it’s not as hot as others say, that you have mental peace and equanimity. This helps, at least.

About the author

As a health expert, researcher and blogger Natalia has a particular interest in writing about beauty regimen and how to be pretty and confident. She has many years of experience in Beauty treatments and Health improvement. Connect with Natalia on G+.

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Short Answers to Hard Question about Mental Disorders

Guest post by Katleen Brown

Everyone can feel sad or unhappy at some point in their lives. It is inevitable. Experiencing sadness or grief is normal, and sometimes even necessary. Getting through ups and downs is what life is all about. But if that feeling of sadness is a lasting one, maybe you have depression. Depression or anxiety can make you feel as if everything is pointless and without meaning. It takes hold of your mind, and can make your life feel unbearable. You feel like all of the joy you once had, is gone. If you have depression, it is critical that you recognize the symptoms, signs, and cause of your depression. It is fundamental that you do not ignore those signs and symptoms.

Symptoms of depression

Depression is a mental state of constant low mood. It is a disorder that can affect a person’s thoughts and behavior. People who are often depressed  feel sad, anxious, guilty or helpless. They also feel like there is nothing in this world that could help them to try overcome their restlessness. Depressed people can’t concentrate; they experience loss of appetite, or they eat more than they should, they lose sleep, or they sleep all the time.

It is imperative that you recognize symptoms of depression, even if those symptoms seem trivial or insignificant. Warning signs and symptoms of depression are often right in front of you, and they can be easy to overlook. Sometimes we live in denial, and won’t even admit what is obvious. The most common signs of depression are:

  • Feeling of hopelessness.

It is a very common symptom, and it can be the first sign that you are depressed. You constantly feel like things will only get worse, and that there is nothing you can do about it.

  • Insomnia and excessive sleeping.

People who are often depressed  suffer from sleep disorders. They have difficulty falling asleep, or they have the need to sleep all the time.

  • Feeling of self-loathing.

You feel angry at yourself, and you constantly blame yourself for everything.

  • Rage and irritability.

You feel constantly mad at everything and everyone, and you feel the need to blame everyone for the problems you might have.

  • Energy loss and fatigue.

People who are often depressed feel like the energy is drained from their bodies.

  • Pains and aches.

That cannot be explained.

  • Loss of appetite and weight problems.

When you feel hopeless, you also lose appetite, and you don’t care if you don’t eat. Some people, on the other hand, eat too much, because they think this is the only way for them to feel content again.

  • Suicidal thoughts.

Depression is a very serious mental disorder, and should be treated accordingly. With depression comes the very high risk of suicide. People who are depressed often think that ending their lives is the only way out. Studies show that more than 90% of suicide victims were clinically depressed.

Types of depression and causes of depression

There are several types of depression, and each of these disorders should be treated very seriously. Unlike other diseases, depression can be caused by many factors.

Main causes of depression include loneliness, financial difficulties, tragic loss in a family, alcohol or drug abuse, marital problems, work stress, severe injuries, hormonal disorders, childhood trauma and childhood abuse.

Types of depression:

  • Major depression (Major Depressive Disorder).
  • Bipolar disorder.
  • Dysthymic disorder.
  • Seasonal affective disorder.

Treatments for depression

It is very important for any individual not to feel ashamed because he or she suffers from the depressive disorder. Support from family and friend is crucial for recovery from depression, as well. People who are feeling depressed need to know that someone loves them, and cares for them. Sometimes, people who are depressed just need someone to talk to, who will listen to them and understand their pain.

For every kind of depressive disorder, there are different kinds of treatment and management. Usually, a combination of treatments is advised, such as therapy treatment and medication treatment. It is also important to understand that medical treatment can only relieve symptoms of depression, not cure them.

Symptoms of depression can also be effectively treated with simple lifestyle changes:

  • Practicing yoga can reduce symptoms of depression, and root causes of depression disorder.
  • Change of scenery.
  • Owning a pet can reduce stress and unhappiness.
  • Physical exercise.
  • Problem-solving therapy can help individuals learn how to face their problems.
  • Diet improvement. Natural and healthy foods can provide an alternative treatment for depression.

Every treatment for depression starts with identifying symptoms and signs of depression. In the end, depression can be cured or lessened only by discovering the root of the problem, and by rebuilding emotional skills.


About the Author

Katleen Brown is a health, beauty and fitness writer. She loves to publish her articles on various health related websites. In her spare time, likes to do research to bring awareness about health news. Recognizing the unity of body, mind, and outlook, she helps empower women to tune into their innate & inner wisdom to transform their health and truly flourish. Get in touch with her on Google+, Pinterest and Twitter.

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Skilled Nursing Provider Agrees to Pay $360,000 for Employing Excluded Workers

Daybreak Venture, a company providing skilled nurses, has settled charges brought by the Office of the Inspector General that they hired staff that had been excluded from employment with federal health programs, authorities announced.

The OIG’s Office of Audit Services did an investigation that turned up five excluded employees. During the federal investigation, Daybreak Venture revealed they had hired two additional unauthorized employees, according to the announcement.

In March 2014 the OIG initially contacted Daybreak regarding this matter and as a result the company performed it’s own audit covering about 5,000 staffers and entities that are presently or had been linked with Daybreak Venture.


The CEO of Daybreak, Michael A. Rich has assured the federal government that since the company discovered these transgressions, they have pledged additional resources and people to work in its Compliance Department to conduct ongoing re-verifications of staff members and entities to prevent those on OIG’s excluded list from employment. He went on to state that the company is fully committed to hiring only those people who are eligible.

Individuals can lose their eligibility to work with federal health programs like Medicaid and Medicare for a number of different reasons, but the most serious would be that they have a criminal record of being convicted of abuse or fraud. Providers are barred from hiring these individuals and then charging the government program for the services provided by them.


A Deputy Chief in one of the branches of the Office of the Inspector General says they’ve found that nursing homes tend to employ excluded individuals more than other health care providers. The updated guidelines provide a time period for employers to check the database online that lists all the excluded or unauthorized individuals, entities and organizations.


The settlement with Daybreak Venture took effect October 24, 2014.

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